Electric Sauna Heater

Model OC-SA
Brand Oceanic
Payment L/C, T/T, Western Union
Delivery Time 5-15 days
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Main Features:

  • Large display screen of the controller to show time in hours and minutes and temperature in Centigrade or Fahrenheit according to the customer’s preference
  • Presetting working and waiting time have A and B model. Under A model, user can set working time from 30 minutes to 8 hours or no time limited. Under B model, user can set waiting time from 0 to 12 hours. When the time count down to zero, it will switch to A model automatically and works as the setting under A model.
  • Sequential heating to begin with all of the elements switch on for rapid heating, as the required temperature is approached the elements switch off sequentially until just one element is left on in order to maintain the cabin temperature steady helping to improve user comfort and extend the life of the elements as well as saving energy.
  • Double safety protection cut-off for both sauna room and sauna heater as achieving a high temperature.
  • Door interlock is a new EU standard for ensuring safety .If the sauna cabin door is opened, the timing will stop and the sauna heater will not restart again until it is reset.
  • Diagnostics – 8 LEDs on the controller show different working stages and operations that can be used for elementary diagnosis if a problem should occur.
Model Power (kw) Input (1N/3N) Size(mm) Heat Element Quantity Sauna Stone (kg)
OCS30S 3 230 410*280*570 2 12-14
OCS40S 4 230 410*280*570 2 13-15
OCS45S 4.5 230/400 410*280*570 3 14-16
OCS60S 6 230/400 410*280*570 3 16-18
OCS80S 8 230/400 410*280*570 3 18-20
OCS90S 9 230/400 410*280*570 3 18-20
electric sauna heater

All-in-one Machine (Sauna Heater + Mini Steam Generator + Aroma Cup)

Model Apollo
Brand Oceanic
Payment L/C, T/T, Western Union
Delivery Time 5-15 days
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Features of combining both Sauna and Steam

Oceanic Stauna heater combines a steam generator with a sauna heater with a controller that allows a number of settings as follows:

  • Sauna – the traditional dry air bathing with temperatures from 75 to around100C– water can be splashed onto the rocks for short bursts of humidity – the tradition dates back more than 2000 years.
  • Tepidarium – hot steam bathing with temperatures from 55 to65C the steamer operates for 80% of the time – provides a superb and invigorating hot steam experience.
  • Sanarium – soft steam with temperatures from 48 to55C the steamer operates around 90% of the time for a softer more gentle experience to melt away aches or ease the strains of a stressful day.
  • Caldarium – 100% steaming – temperatures up to 48C the steamer is also operating continuously – add crushed herbs or a few drops of essential oil to the steamer for aromatherapy treatments to suit your mood.

Drop some fragrance oil inside the boiler of steam generator will create perfect sauna aroma bath

Special water resistant coating – in order to cope with the differing conditions and the high levels of humidity Stauna coat barrier treatment is applied to all of the internal surfaces of the cabin walls ceiling and benches to stop water being absorbed.

Model Power(kw) Voltage(v) Phase(N~) Recommended Steam Room(m3)
Apollo30P 3kw 230/380 1/3 4-6
Apollo45P 4.5kw 230/380 1/3 4-6
Apollo60P 6kw 230/380 1/3 5-8
Apollo75P 7.5kw 230/380 1/3 6-9
Apollo90P 9kw 230/380 1/3 8-11