All-in-one Cold Plunge Bathtubs

Cold plunge tubs are an increasingly popular way to relax and unwind. While hot baths and saunas have been around for centuries, cold Plunge tubs are a relatively new phenomenon. A cold plunge tub is a shallow, waist deep pool filled with icy water.

The temperature is typically between 40-60 F. It’s commonly used for physical therapy, but some people use cold plunge tubs for relaxation and stress relief.

Cold Plunge Bathtub Details

Cold plunge bathtub with internal chiller

0.6P/1P cold bathtub with water pump and chiller

Factory setting 7 centigrade

Ozone sterilization

Paper filter system

Cold plunge bathtub seat

Wood material: Alder

cold plunge bathtub inside
Water valve

For water in and out easily.



cold bathtub with internal chiller

1625*840*865mm | 2032*840*940mm