Benefits of Cedar Hot Tubs

Cedar is one of the longest lasting species on earth. Most wood tends to mold and warp over time, however cedar is naturally resistant to decay. It naturally produces oils that makes it withstand the elements for long periods of time. This makes it perfect for constructing a hot tub out of, because of the prolonged exposure to water that hot tubs endure. Cedar hot tubs tend to last an average of 15 to 20 years. These hot tubs are the most popular hot tubs around the world. They act just like regular hot tubs, however they offer so many addition benefits.

Longer life time

Cedar hot tubs are more on the high end side, because of the weatherproof material and the fact that it lasts longer than the typical hot tub. The price of these cedar hot tubs range anywhere $3,000 to $7,000.

Cedar hot tubs expand when they are wet and stay the same size after they dry. This is an important quality to have in hot tubs, because the seals and spaces have to be totally leakproof when the hot tub is full. When cedar is in contact with water, it stays just as durable as when it was dry. As a result of this, cedar is one of the most used materials in wooden hot tubs.

Beauty and Natural aroma

Cedar hot tubs are also known for their beauty and the natural aroma they put off. These hot tubs come in several different shapes and sizes, so even people with small backyards can enjoy the luxury of cedar hot tubs. They have an appealing geometric shape and the different colors and grains of the wood are unique and beautiful. The exterior of these hot tubs should be stained and sealed every few years. This beauty is guaranteed to last the entire lifespan of the hot tub, because of the durable material it’s made of. The aroma the cedar hot tub puts off while containing steaming hot water will enhance your spa experience even more.

One major disadvantage of cedar hot tubs

One major disadvantage of cedar hot tubs is that fact that they are harder to clean than acrylic hot tubs. However, the material makes up for it by naturally avoiding the growth of mold. Hot tubs are like gold for mold, because it is constantly exposed to water. Therefore, this is a major advantage over acrylic hot tubs.

Cedar hot tubs can repel bugs

The cedar in hot tubs also repels bugs, such as moths. These hot tubs are perfect for a more humid climate where bugs can be an issue, because bugs won’t come anywhere near them whether they’re in use or covered. With a cedar hot tub, there is no need to ruin your spa experience with the smell and stickiness that comes along with many bug sprays.

Cedar hot tubs also offer a depth that acrylic hot tubs could never provide

These cedar hot tubs are deep enough for you and your friend ls to completely submerge your body in the water. This ensures that you can enjoy the steaming water and its healing powers to the fullest.