How to Build A Sauna Room And How Much the Cost

What is a sauna room? All you need to know

Are you curious to experience the wonderful sensations that a sauna provides? It is normal, and it is that saunas are not only the perfect complement after a hard day of training or work but they can also be a great solution to find that state of peace and relaxation that you long for. And they also provide numerous health benefits!

If you are considering trying this type of experience, here we explain everything you need to know.

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But what is a sauna exactly? Saunas are small spaces that are heated to high temperatures, between 150F and 195 F. They are usually made of wood.

There are different types:

• Finnish saunas that provide dry heat.

• Turkish style saunas where, in addition to the presence of heat, humidity is also added.

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Did you know that saunas have been in use for thousands of years?

Although they have been used by many cultures and civilizations, without a doubt the most famous are the Finnish ones.

This concept was created for the use of everyday life and they were considered sacred places. In addition, they not only used it to relax and cleanse their body, but also their soul.

In addition, these spaces used to be in the courtyards of the houses so that the family members could gather and purify themselves thanks to the heat.

However, with the passage of time until today, saunas began to be built outdoors and their functionality became leisure and not worship.

In fact, their use and creation has spread throughout the world and they have become a fundamental element of spa and relaxation centers.


Spending a certain amount of time in a sauna will provide you with several kinds of profound benefits for your body. Among the many effects that saunas have, we can point out:

  • Deep cleaning of the pores of our skin.
  • Improvement of our breathing and blood circulation.
  • Optimize our sleep quality.
  • Helps our muscle relaxation.
  • Stimulates our brain function.
  • Activates the immune system.
  • Eliminates bone and neuralgic ailments.

In addition to all these effects that occur in the physical part of our body, we will also achieve general well-being and deep relaxation. That is, it will also improve our peace of mind.


3 things to consider when building an indoor sauna

Having your own sauna in your house is what many people dream of, especially those who use the sauna regularly anyway. Having your own sauna has many advantages. You save time and money if you don’t have to go to a public sauna. You can also use the sauna at any time, even at night. However, if you are planing on building an indoor sauna, you have to take a few factors into account. The choice of the sauna heater can already be decisive for your sauna experience.

1. Which sauna will you choose?

Which type sauna you choose is one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself before building the sauna. The most popular and most frequently used type of sauna is also the oldest form. It is the Finnish sauna which mainly uses a wood heater. The wonderful smell of the burning wood and the long-lasting warmth will make you relax even more. Nowadays, very different types of sauna have established themselves on the market. Sauna kits for example are very practical. A steam room, which, as the name suggests, is only operated with steam. It has a very high level of humidity development and thus creates very pleasant temperatures in the sauna. Infrared saunas are also a good choice.

2. The right sauna heater

There are countless different sauna heaters on the market and, above all, a lot of different types. But, which sauna heater is the right one? You need to ask yourself this question at the beginning of the planning process, since this is where the heat is generated and it should function smoothly and efficiently. It is the most important component in the perfect equipment of a sauna. The technical concepts, the respective control of the heater and finally the commissioning should function as simply and at the same time as effectively as possible.

3. Size and shape of the sauna

The shapes of the saunas offered are very different and that’s a good thing. Because while there would only be space for a mini sauna on one long and narrow side of the wall, in another house you maybe have enough space in the corner for a sauna. In terms of shape and space, almost every room in the house will be suitable for a sauna. The infrared saunas, for example, are used a lot in small houses and apartments, because they are relatively small in floor plan and can fit into any corner of even the smallest room. They are certainly not suitable for several people to use at the same time, but ideal for two people.

As you can see, there aren’t many factors that you have to consider when building an indoor sauna. The most important thing is that the dimensions of the sauna as a whole match your house or apartment, but also that the sauna fits your needs in terms of appearance and functions. Of course, the quality is also crucial. It is advisable to invest a little more in the construction to get a high-quality and durable sauna.


Need A Sauna?

Do you want a sauna but having one build or installed for you is too expensive? Do not fret, there are practical ways of creating your own sauna, at home! A DIY sauna kits can be purchased online or you can even completely make one from scratch. There are several websites that you can visit to purchase a sauna kit. You can also go into a home hardware store and search for one there as well.

Purchase A Sauna Kit

Depending where you make your purchase you can find sauna kits for cheap to expensive. Here Waja Sauna provides the various sauna kits, and you can definitely find a suitable one. As manufacturer, we provide the best prices. For a traditional wooden sauna you can contact with us for a quote. (prices depend on sizes and specfications).

Build A DIY Sauna

If you are an artistic individual who would rather build your own sauna from scratch. You can simply make a google search and find many free guides and videos online. And here is a list of supplies and resources to build your DIY sauna.

Supplies For A DIY Sauna

  • A electric sauna heater which can be purchased on Waja sauna (prices depend on different brand and kilowatt).
  • For a  electric heater, boxes of sauna stones. (Bigger sauna heater will requires more kilogram sauna stones)


  • For sauna room, a bench to relax on.
  • Sauna wall and bench material. The best sauna lumber is Canadian red cedar. Most wood tends to mold and warp over time, however cedar is naturally resistant to decay. It naturally produces oils that makes it withstand the elements for long periods of time. While if you have limited budget, finish pine (spruce) is a better option.
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  • Other sauna accessories like sauna buckets, sauna hygro/thermometer, sand timer, sauna backrest, sauna door, sauna lamp and shade, sauna aroma… You can choose what you needed for your sauna room.

Relax in Your Sauna

If you build a DIY sauna kit yourself it will feel much better while you are relaxing in it. The heat will melt into your pores while your muscles relax after your hard work. You will be able to just close your eyes and relax as the stones slowly heat up and make a relaxing atmosphere for you to unwind and save some alone time. You will be the talk of the street when your neighbors start seeing your amazing sauna. You can even get some people over to have a relaxing spa day. Or, you can loosen up your muscles after a workout and before you take a shower. Whatever you want to do with your sauna it will be great because you will know that you did it yourself.


In order to make a correct use of the sauna we must follow the following steps:

  • You have to shower beforehand, so we will leave the skin clean and ready for the session.
  • To enter we must put on a swimsuit and a towel.
  • Maximum time spent in the sauna: 15 minutes.
  • Once we have left the room, you have to shower with cold water, starting at the bottom and working your way up little by little.
  • Once the shower is finished, it is advisable to rest for about 10 minutes.



It is not recommended that pregnant women or people who suffer from some type of specific health problem, especially related to the heart, use the sauna rooms.


Without a doubt, the proper use of saunas can really bring us multiple benefits for our physical and mental health. In addition, after the session, we will feel relaxed and without the feeling of our day to day stress.