Infrared Sauna Rooms

Far infrared light wave room is also called light wave room, light wave bath room, far infrared sauna room.

The working principle of far-infrared light wave room is the principle of far-infrared light wave.

That is to say, the heater made of special materials can emit far-infrared light waves beneficial to human body. When the light wave of this band radiates the human body, it produces the process of absorption, projection and reflection, that is to say, it produces resonance phenomenon with the deep tissue of the skin, which makes the temperature of the subcutaneous tissue rise. The thermal effect makes the water molecules activate and stay in the high-energy state, thus expanding blood vessels, promoting blood circulation and metabolism, and discharging harmful substances from the body at the same time!

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Far Infrared Is Known As The “Line of Life” of Human Beings

Far infrared light wave room is a new high-tech product developed by special technology of crack prevention and high temperature resistance. It is the third generation health care bathing equipment popular in Europe and America. More than 15.5% of its energy is far infrared. It integrates the currently popular low-temperature sweeting technology, light wave massage technology and safe sunbathing technology in the world; it allows you to enjoy relaxed music and beautiful pictures while bathing; light wave bath can relieve pain and has good health care effect on human body, which is the pursuit of healthy life of modern people.

Advantages of Far Infrared Sauna Room

since high temperature steam is not required, there are many advantages:

  • The air can circulate without suffocation. You can listen to music and read books in the cabin;
  • Its physiotherapy function, far-infrared wave bath room has therapeutic effect on scapulohumeral periarthritis, cervical spondylosis and other diseases;
  • Far infrared sauna room has more convenient temperature regulation and control device, which is more extent, it can assist the cardiac and vascular physiotherapy of patients with chronic heart failure and reduce oxidative stress.
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Functions of Far Infrared Sauna Room

  • Body shaping: light wave irradiation can eliminate excess fat in the body to achieve the effect of beauty, weight loss and body shaping.
  • Relieve pain: far infrared can dilate capillaries, promote blood circulation, increase oxygen supply to the diseased parts, so it can play an anti-inflammatory and reduce pain effect.
  • Strong heart and body: enjoy the light wave bath to strengthen the heart and body. It can consume 1000 calories in 30 minutes, which is equivalent to the amount of sweat in 10km long-distance running.
  • Happy mood: wonderful music and harmonious light wave can help relieve people’s mental pressure and relax their body and mind.

Field of Application

Hotels, apartments, resorts, sanatoriums, beauty salons, hospitals, athlete training centers and families.

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