Outdoor Sauna Rooms

We are excited to present our new range of outdoor sauna rooms. Years of rigorous testing and development have gone into ensuring the cabins will endure a harsh environment and perform effectively and efficiently all year round. The choice of materials and design of the sauna rooms must must also be attractive in a wide range of outdoor settings, be simple to install and maintain whilst offering real value for money.

Sauna Room Models

sauna combined steam room

The combination of sauna room, steam room and jacuzzi give you multiple enjoyment.

outdoor luna sauna

The length of the room can be customized. Please contact us for details.

Outdoor POD

The sauna room are with Asphalt shingles that allows you put the sauna outside.

Some of Our Work

All of the products are made by us in our factory. We first pre-assemble your order on the factory floor, checking the quality and fit of each individual component. We then label each part during disassembly, ensuring the quickest and easiest assembly when the parts get to your site.

barrel sauna

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