panoramic view cedar barrel sauna

Panoramic View Cedar Barrel Sauna

Model WJ-1824T-PP
Payment L/C, T/T, Western Union
Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Material Red Cedar; Spruce; Carbonized hemlock 
Delivery Time  15-30 days
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Product Information

  • Ball and socket Canadian Western Red Cedar: 1-3/8″ thick.
  • Pre-assembled wall sections fit into dado-cut ball and socket stave profiles..
  • Size: 2100*3600mm
  • Sturdy frame and front/back walls..
  • Three 70″ support cradles to elevate the structure from the ground..
  • Spruce
  • Three industrial grade stainless steel bands with fastener mechanism..
  • Electric sauna heater, heater stones and the wiring kit.
  • Heater guard
  • All seating elements and floor boards.
  • Tempered tinted glass interior door.
  • Separate intake/outflow air vents.
  • With Aroma cup stainless steel
Model Wood material Size Person Packing size(mm) Weight(kgs)
WJ-1818T-PP Finish pine ∅1800*1800 4person 2032*1145*760 280
WJ-1824T-PP Finish pine ∅1800*2400 6person 2450*1145*760 475
WJ-1818T-PR Red cedar (shop level) ∅1800*1800 4person 2032*1145*760 386
WJ-1824T-PR Red cedar (shop level) ∅1800*2400 6person 2450*1145*760 475
WJ-1818T-PC Red cedar (clear level) ∅1800*1800 4person 2032*1145*760 386
WJ-1824T-PC Red cedar (clear level) ∅1800*2400 6person 2450*1145*760 475
WJ-1818T-YH Carbonized hemlock ∅1800*1800 4person 2032*1145*760 386
WJ-1824T-YH Carbonized hemlock ∅1800*2400 6person 2450*1145*760 475

Panoramic view cedar barrel sauna comes with an acrylic bubble back wall that allows you to see the beautiful view of you lake or landscape from inside the sauna. This unique sauna feels spacious and the views just add to the relaxing feeling when in the sauna.

This unit comes with the choice of a 9 kW electrical heater. Or you can upgrade to bigger heater. Each kit comes complete with a sauna bucket and ladle and easy to follow instructions for assembly. Clear cedar benches on the inside can be used for a lying down or sitting up position.

Also, as an outdoor sauna, the Barrel Sauna is ideal for the backyard or garden environment. Our Barrel Sauna is a barrel kit that comes to you partially assembled. Assembly can be accomplished in just a few hours and is very easy to do.

Panoramic Barrel Sauna Pictures