sauna aroma

Fragrance Pump

Model OC-FP
Brand Oceanic
Payment L/C, T/T, Western Union
Delivery Time 5-15 days
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Quick Information

The steam aroma fragrance pump is controlled by advance electronics to provide a host of unique features:

  1. for use with all brands steam generators.
  2. can adjust every injection time and interval time according the room size and fragrance solution concentration
  3. only detect hot steam go through steam pipe ,OC-EP fragrance pump will works
  4. fragrance solution probe will prevent from the pump working in air
  5. 9V mains adapter safety and can easily suit for different area , Europe, North America ,UK and so on
  6. it is silent fragrance pump .thers is no any noise
  7. it is self-suck type , so very easy for installation and maintenance (add fragrance solution)
  8. it have special commercial mode ,very special for commercial user to manage the operation with a extra fragrance button