Sauna Room

Sauna is relaxing treatment, a moment to pamper yourself, to relax after a run or a hard day. The soft warmth of our sauna rooms offer you various health benefits: detoxification, improved blood circulation and immunity, relief from muscle pain, weight loss, stress relief, improved sleep cycle, and skin cleansing. WAJA’s sauna provides a revitalizing experience.

outdoor sauna rooms

We have POD sauna, Luna sauna and Sauna combined steam room for sale.

indoor sauna rooms

The indoor sauna room can make according to the sizes you provied.

infrared sauna rooms

We have both indoor and outdoor sauna room for sale.

Some of Our Work

All of the products are made by us in our factory. We first pre-assemble your order on the factory floor, checking the quality and fit of each individual component. We then label each part during disassembly, ensuring the quickest and easiest assembly when the parts get to your site.

barrel sauna

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