Steam Shower Generator

The steam shower generator fills the cabin with thick fog and also ensures high temperatures. In principle, it works exactly like a kettle. In a stainless steel tank, heating elements bring the water to the boil, so that the device generates a lot of steam, which brings both the humidity and the temperature in the cabin to the desired values. The inlet point is usually in the lower area of the sauna cabin and should be constructed in such a way that you can’t come into direct contact with the hot steam. This can be achieved by mounting the nozzle under a protrusion or behind a protective cover.

Choose the correct power size for the steam generator:

1. Measure the Length L, width W and height H of the steam room, then calculate the room volume V=L*W*H.

2. Decide the adjuster based on wall material:

  • Acrylic wall*1
  • Glass or ceramic tile *1.2
  • Natural Stone (Granite, marble, slate)*2
  • If room is higher than 2.1m*1.1

3. Adjustment total volume = V * adjuster

For example: A steam room with dimension of 2m*2.5m*2.4m, wall material is ceramic tile. The adjustment total volume is 2*2.5*2.4*1.2*1.1=16, so at least 16kw steam generator is recommended.