Wood Burning Hot Tub Heater

All our wood burning hot tub heaters are made from stainless steel come in marine grade 304 L suitable for Chlorine/Bromine and Sea Water use. We don’t charge extra for this and do not supply cheap, low grade 201stainless steel heaters.

More Information

The most popular wood burning hot tub heater is wood fired stove. Majority of the consumers appreciate the simplicity of this heating source. It can be used all year round, regardless of weather conditions. Cheap heating source with firewood, coal mixed with wood or smokeless fuel.

All our wood burning hot tub heaters are made either from stainless steel or marine grade aluminum. Aluminum heaters are around 40 % more efficient compare to stainless steel, however, the heat output can not be considered only from the material the stove is made. The bigger heat output is measured by the quantity of circulation pipes inside, size of the stove.

The external stove heater has many advantages over internal one, because it saves space in a tub, it is way more easier to clean, portable and can be attached to other sources should you decide to have a small pool etc. External stoves are made from two sections (water jacket). The principal of external heating stove is described on thermosyphon water flow (rising hot water), no electricity or pumps required. It is a self circulating heater rated at different KWs depending on stove’ size.

Our Wood Burning Hot Tub Heater Types