Cedar Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Cedar wood fired hot tubs can add value to your home and improves the quality of life. Easy to install, pre-fabricated cedar hot tub will save you money and time !

Wood Fired Hot Tub Details

304 & stainless steel metal band 1mm*4cm

12mm dia. stainless steel bolt that strong guarantee the tightness. With the excellent connection of band and bolt, it always can keep the perfect firming of barrel room even though you push to over pressure.

stainless steel metal band for wooden hot tub
Mechanized polishing

Compared with manual polishing, it is smoother and more luster without water leakage.

mechanized polishing for wooden hot tub
Hand polished

After hand treatment, the surface of the wood is smoother and more brilliant, skin will not be hurt whenever you take the sauna.

hand polishing for woods
Groove Depth

The groove depth of each board is 18mm.

1. The assembly is more convenient;

2. Water should not leak after assembly;

3. More solid after assembly.

wood groove depth

More Information About Our Hot Tubs

We have created complete cedar wood fired hot tub packages intended to maximize your garden environment and enjoyment. Each hot tub is hand crafted using 100%, 2″ nominal clear western red cedar and built to last many years. Besides our standard sizes, we can custom build a hot tub to meet your particular needs. What ever size you need we will work to ensure you get the tub you want.

Our Hot Tub Staves are precision milled with Ball & Socket Joints. Our Ball & Socket Joints provide more sealing surface than butt stave joints. Our Hot Tub Bottom boards are invisibly secured with “Wedged” Tongue and Grooved joints which produce an extremely strong and smooth surface.

A wooden hot tub is a round or oval barrel designed for bathing, made of high quality wood with an installed wood-burning furnace. The furnace is heated with wood and after a couple of hours of heating one can enjoy bathing in hot water- in the open air, in a garden or on a terrace. The barrel has benches inside that let one enjoy his or her time with more comfort.

Serving board can also be placed on the barrel’s edge, so that all the food and drinks are within a hand’s reach. We design our wood fired hot tubs from Forest Lumber & Cooperage to complement and enhance any landscape or location. Made from the finest handpicked Red Cedar, superior artisans construct our wood hot tubs. These cedar wood fired hot tubs are renowned for their durability and comfort, and are easy to maintain.

Cedar hot tub kits from WAJA Sauna contain all you will need for assembly and use, including a submersible stove made from marine aluminum. The wood burning stove comes with a warranty to protect against defects and workmanship for one full year. The cedar hot tub kits are relatively simple to put together; anyone with novice woodworking skills could build one in approximately 4-6 hours. There are 6 sizes allow adults and children sit comfortably in the tub. arranges from 2-6 Person.

If you would like an alternative size, we have customer sizes available. It takes approximately 2.5 to 3.5 hours for the heaters to go from 45F to 103F, with no expensive hydro costs. As long as you change the water frequently, chemicals and filtration are not required. To learn more about our wood-fired hot tubs, contact us today.