Wooden Hot Tub

Wooden hot tubs are a beautiful addition to any garden landscape! The experience enjoying the hot tub is relaxing. You can enjoy the hot water whether it’s raining or snowing outside.

wood fired hot tub

Wooden hot tubs are designed for outside bathing. Made of high quality wood. Equipped with a wood burning stove.

electric wood hot tub

The configurations of electric hot tub are with the lid, heater, circulating water pump, filter, pipe.

wood burning hot tub heater

We produce both internal and external heaters for hot tubs, but of course you can order hot tubs without heater.

Some of Our Work

All of the products are made by us in our factory. We first pre-assemble your order on the factory floor, checking the quality and fit of each individual component. We then label each part during disassembly, ensuring the quickest and easiest assembly when the parts get to your site.

barrel sauna

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