A sauna at home – is it worth it?

For many of us, going to the sauna regularly has become a kind of hobby. On a wellness day, a sauna experience rounds off the relaxation perfectly. Once you’ve gotten used to the cozy warmth and the improvement in wellbeing, at some point you will definitely ask yourself the question: Is it worth to get an indoor traditional sauna and integrating it into your home? Whether your own sauna is actually profitable depends, of course, primarily on how often you will use it. But then the question still remains whether such an investment really has to be worthwhile, or whether it is not just about the little luxury that you should treat yourself to from time to time.

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Benefits of a sauna at home

In Finland saunas have been popular for centuries, more and more people are enjoying them and are integrating regular sauna sessions into their everyday lives. But how is it that this rather simple system consisting of heat and humidity has achieved such a high priority? It because a sauna session has a positive effect on our health. If you regularly take time to visit the sauna and relax afterwards, the immune system is permanently strengthened. Since our temperature increases during a sauna session, the body assumes that we have a fever and stimulates the production of the body’s own immune cells. This makes us more resistant to the effects of flu. In addition, the muscles relax during the sauna, blood pressure is lowered and the circulation is stimulated by alternating between warm and cold. Instead of always having to go to a sauna, you can also save a lot of time by integrating one into your own four walls.

Which sauna is the right one?

The classic model, which can also be found in public buildings in many places, is the Finnish sauna. The usual temperature is 160 to 210F and the humidity is 10 to 30 percent. An occasional infusion brings some variety and refreshes the air with a pleasant aroma. If the sauna is to be used by young and old, a so-called family sauna is recommended. Temperatures here range from 110 to 160F.

The steam sauna is also popular. With 100 to 140F it has a comparatively high humidity. Typical of this type is a water bowl over the stove that is filled with herbs. An infrared sauna is a little more modern and at least as beneficial.

Maintaining your sauna

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that you can enjoy using your indoor traditional sauna. In addition to adequate ventilation, cleaning after each sauna session is really important. Once the sauna has cooled down a bit, you can start cleaning the interior. The benches and backrests should be thoroughly scrubbed with a brush. In general, it is advisable to sit on a towel during a sauna session so that the sweat and the waste products that escape from the body do not collect on the material.

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