Find the Right Sauna Light for Your Sauna

Sauna light is a necessary part of sauna room. In this article, you can learn what sauna lights are available, what functions they have, and their prices.

All important facts about sauna lights:

  • It is a light source to prevent falls
  • Sauna lights can be used as direct and indirect lighting
  • Sauna lights with different light colors
  • The lamp in the sauna room should be able to withstand high temperature
  • They can be installed on the wall, ceiling or under the sauna bench
  • The lampshade or cover is usually made of wood


Sauna lights in various types

sauna lamp W-L013


sauna lamp W-L013-1




sauna lamp W-L019


sauna lamp W-L021


sauna lamp W-L022


sauna lamp W-L003


sauna lamp UL-2


sauna lamp UL-1


sauna LED


sauna-light-cover ULS-1


What can sauna lights do?

Sauna lights have a big influence on the atmosphere in the sauna. Scientists have found that the right colors can even have a positive impact on the body. For this reason it is advisable to use certain lights especially in the sauna to support the therapeutic effect. You can buy many different types of lights as well as colors. This article explains how to find the right sauna light for you.

What is the use of sauna light?

One of the tasks of the sauna lights is of course to provide sufficient lighting. But the light also has a therapeutic purpose. The right colors can help you relax even more. There are also some products where you can set color transitions so that the color changes. Red light, for example, stimulates blood circulation, blue light has a relaxing effect and green light is inspiring. So you don’t really have to believe in the therapeutic effects of light. In fact, different colors give you a different feeling. Some lights for the sauna also have the option of dimming the light. This allows you to create a different mood. You don’t necessarily have to choose a specific color for the light, either. Ordinary lighting is also sufficient.

Tips for buying sauna lights

When choosing sauna lights, it is best to consider according to your existing sauna room. A lamp is relatively small, but its effect has a decisive influence on the overall atmosphere of the sauna. The following tips may help:

  • The small wooden corner lamp with restrained glare lampshade is an all-rounder. Due to its humble design, this low-key lamp takes up very little space and is suitable for many types of saunas. It is also ideal for small single sauna rooms with limited space.
  • Those who crazy on lighting effects should choose between a well-designed glare lampshade or multi-color LED lights. There are also combinations of the two on the market.
  • The LED sauna lights should be controlled to ensure uniform color changes in order to achieve various mood-related effects for sauna enthusiasts. However, here, it is recommended to use the “less is more” principle as a guide. The sauna should not become a disco.
  • You should buy sauna lights that are as insensitive as possible to temperature. This applies not only to the lamp itself, but also to the lampshade or cover. After all, they must withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius without being damaged.
  • Sauna manufacturers almost always provide sauna room lighting. If the existing lighting is damaged, if possible, you can consult with the manufacturer for an extra sauna light. In this way, all sauna parts come from a same manufacturer.

Install sauna lights

Sauna lights are relatively easy to install. The premise is that there is a properly insulated wire in the sauna. After connecting the light to this laid cable, the sauna room light can be installed on the wall, ceiling or used as indirect lighting under or behind the bench. You should ensure that the screws are made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion due to moisture.

The sauna room lamp used for ceiling installation can produce light of different colors and is especially popular. There are also indoor sauna lights with a cleverly designed glare cover. Some sauna lights have such delicate wooden lampshades that the light can penetrate the wood. Other lights are composed of narrow slats, with millimeter-level intervals to ensure that the light is slightly scattered into the sauna room.

The price of indoor sauna lights

The lamp in the sauna with the typical wooden screen can be from less than 20 euros. The budget cost of a well-designed interior lamp with filigree cutouts far exceeds 50 Euros.

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