Important Accessories for the Sauna

Many different and sometimes very important things are required for a sauna like the heater or the sauna backrest. The sauna heater is particularly important here; a sauna cannot function without a good heater that is geared towards the sauna cabin. But other important accessories are also required for a stress-free and comfortable session.

Sauna Heater

A sauna heater is indispensable for a sauna because it provides the desired warmth. There are different variants that can be used for the home sauna. The heater should be placed in the corner to save space – this allows the wooden benches to be set up around the sauna heater. This means that the heat generated is optimally distributed over the entire cabin.

Sauna Lighting

An important issue, the right lighting for the sauna cabin. It shouldn’t be too bright or too dark to be able to feel comfortable. Light bulbs with approx. 40 watts in a special device ensure pleasant lighting.

indoor sauna room 1
sauna light with cover

Sauna Infusions

Sauna infusions can also increase the heat. The reason is that the humidity rises and creates an extra heat stimulus. There are different flavors as an infusion. All of which have different properties. A lemon infusion, for example, is very refreshing and strengthens the immune system.

sauna infusion
sauna aroma cup

Sauna Stones

There are different variations of sauna stones. Some are particularly suitable for steam baths. In addition, the sauna stones differ in their lifespan. In principle, all sauna stones are suitable for all heaters.

sauna heater stone
sauna stone

Sauna Thermometer and Hygrometer

While the thermometer is showing the temperature, the hygrometer is showing the humidity. When the air is humid, the body feels the temperatures much more extreme than they actually are in the sauna. A hygrometer should never be placed next to or above a sauna heater as it falsifies the display. Ideally, it should be made of wood, as wood can absorb moisture and prevent the display from fogging up.

Sand clock

The sand clock can help to keep an eye on the time and not to forget the infusion. So that you don’t always have to look at the clock, a sand clock is especially suitable for the sauna. It is best to choose clocks made of wood or glass.

sand timer in sauna room
sauna sand timer with blue sand

Sauna Backrests

In order to fully relax in the sauna, it is not only necessary to sit down in the sauna, but also in the lying position. It is important to note that the backrests are made of wood. A small towel can serve as padding between the head and back and the backrest. Under no circumstances should a conventional pillow be used. The sauna backrest can also serve as a support when lying on your stomach.

sauna room backrest
sauna backrest pine


There are many useful accessories for the sauna. Important elements are the sauna heater, lighting, stones, the sauna backrest and a thermometer as well as a hygrometer. Overall, of course, you can always decide for yourself what is important as an accessory in the sauna. However, these listed things ensure that you have everything you need in order to fully relax in the sauna.