Indoor Infrared Saunas

How Far Infrared Sauna Room Works?

Far infrared ray itself is not heat, it causes heat energy between molecules through molecular motion resonance The far-infrared ray with the wavelength of 5.6-15 μm penetrates into the skin and subcutaneous tissue up to 4-5cm, which directly causes the molecular resonance. The movement of the molecule becomes active, and the cell activity also becomes active. In this way, the blood flow speed is increased, the metabolism is accelerated, and the body is warmed up. 70% of the body is water, and the excess fat and heavy metals are sandwiched between water molecules in the body. In this way, when far infrared ray gives the body vitality, it can also play the role of eliminating toxins and garbage in the body, so as to achieve beauty, weight loss and body beauty the effect of fitness.

Our Indoor Infrared Saunas Series

1 person infrared sauna room


1 person (90*90*190cm)

2 person infrared sauna room


2 person (120*105*190cm)

infrared sauna room for three person


3 person (150*110*190cm)

infrared sauna room for 4 person


4 person (180x120x190cm)

infrared sauna room for 3-4 person


3-4 person (150*150*190cm)