Proper placement and handling of your sauna at home

In the past, a sauna always belonged in the basement. It didn’t take up much space there and you could confidently choose a model that wasn’t too pretty. With the multitude of modern and beautiful models that exist today, it would be a sin not to present them proudly. That is why saunas are increasingly found in bathrooms or lofts. But not just inside. There are also numerous models for outdoor use. How about, for example, a small sauna house with a glass pane through which you can enjoy the view of the garden even in winter? When choosing the location, it is important to consider possible connections for electricity and water. How big the sauna should be depends, among other things, on how many people will use it. A 2 person indoor sauna is also ideal if you use the sauna by yourself but want some space. There are different types of those saunas. Some only offer enough space for two people to sit next to each other and some have two reclining options.

customized sauna room

Cool down after the sauna

Ideally, there are opportunities to cool off in the immediate vicinity of the sauna: a shower or a pool. Because once you have done your 15-minute sauna session, you need to cool down properly, and that is exactly what counts in order to get the circulation going and to strengthen the immune system. You should avoid a daring jump into the pool after the body has heated up, but diving into a pool with ice-cold water or taking a cold shower is definitely recommended. This extreme change from warm to cold makes the perfect sauna session. After spending a few minutes in the heat, our body is especially happy about oxygen and some exercise, otherwise you quickly become sluggish and feel exhausted. A short walk in the fresh air is therefore ideal to get going again – one more reason to place a sauna house in the garden.

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Ventilation of the sauna

Proper ventilation of the sauna is very important. This is the only way to guarantee that you can enjoy your sauna for years to come. In order to avoid the formation of condensation and the associated mold, it is essential to ensure adequate ventilation. It is easiest and best if this is done using an automatic system. If you decide to build your own sauna, ventilation is part of the basic equipment. Even with little things, you can have a significant influence on the correct ventilation. For example, you should keep the door open for at least an hour after each sauna session. It is also helpful afterwards if the door always remains ajar. If the sauna is integrated in a living room, you should make sure that it is always adequately ventilated. Rooms with large windows or even a terrace are therefore particularly suitable for placing the sauna. If you buy a 2 person indoor sauna and it is actually used by you and another person, you must also ensure that everyone ventilates it properly after using the sauna.

2 person indoor sauna