Sauna Headrest

Sauna room is perfect, where you can relax to improve your stressful life. People like to stay in sauna room for a long time, and they can feel relax only when the whole body lying down. And in order to lie down well, you need a sauna headrest, so your neck and head have a proper support.

Therefore, buying the right sauna headrest plays an important role in maintaining an ergonomic posture, making the sauna a pleasant experience.

sauna headrest pine

Sauna Headrest’s weight and shape

The sauna headrest is made of solid material, and weight is around 600 to 1000 grams. The shape of the sauna headrest is similar to the ordinary headrest, but the structure is flatter. To prevent deformation and burns, headrests in sauna rooms are usually made of heat-resistant and solid wood.

Different shapes’ sauna headrest not only meet the visual sensation, but also provide different feelings when you lie down. Most classic models keep a simple wedge shape. The headrest here is at a fixed and flat angle to the ground. One change here is the wave-shaped sauna headrest, which has several advantages at the same time. Not only does the surface adapt better to the head, the neck and shoulders are also significantly better supported by the wedge. Compared with the classic model, the beam has been deburred, so the appearance is beautiful. If you want to enjoy a very special comfort, you should choose HaLu pillows or four-point headrests.

Halu pillow

The four-point wooden bowls with same size can be rotated as needed to adpat to your posture. This is not only improves the comfort of lying down, but also ensures that you hardly notice the sauna headrest when you lie down. Thanks to the ergonomic posture, the neck can also relax and lie comfortably in the hearest.

Wood suitable for sauna headrest

There are many different materials for the construction of sauna headrests, but light-colored wood is used in most cases. Generally, materials such as:

  • Aspen
  • Hemlock
  • Beech
  • Spruce (Finish white pine)
  • birch
  • Red cedar
  • Abach

All the above wood are characterized by their soft and light texture. These two standards not only are good for visual sensation, but they are also provide a pleasant feeling when you lying down. In addition, all these woods are with low thermal conductivity.

Multiple uses of sauna headrests

In addition to the common sauna headrests, there are also models used as backrests. Due to the reasonable use of rubber elements, the backrest can also be tilted without slipping off. Especially people who like to sit in the sauna can prevent back pain here and pregnant women are not allowed to lie on their backs for a long time. These models are not made at a flat angle, but have slightly curved shapes.

sauna backrest

Sauna headrest made of textile

If the simple wooden headrest is not comfortable enough, you can choose a variety of alternatives. In addition to the common models, you can also get a roll-shaped sauna headrest, which can be used as a mattress in the neck area. If you want a particularly soft bed, you can still use a sauna mat made of soft textiles.

sauna pillow

The wooden headrest and linen cover provide a compromise between sauna headrest and sauna mat. They are easy to take care of, and still have the flexibility of a sauna pillow.

What to pay attention to when buying a sauna headrest

When buying a sauna headrest, various standards must be followed so that you can enjoy your model for a long time.

  1. First of all, we must observe the material properties of the sauna headrest. Ideally, this should be made of the same wood as the other components of the sauna. Soft, untreated and stable types of wood are very suitable here because they avoid splitting.
  2. Not only has a certain service life, but also low thermal conductivity is the primary consideration for buying a sauna headrest. Always make sure that the sauna headrest is free of metal elements. Otherwise, they will heat up during the sauna and cause burns.
  3. In addition to being elegant, the ergonomics must also meet your own requirements. Only when the head, neck and shoulders are in the correct position, the sauna will become a pleasant experience.
  4. Also make sure that the size of the sauna headrest matches the size of the sauna bench. The size of most models is 35 x 45 cm. If you are not sure, get the dimensions of the sauna bench.

Fee for sauna headrest

The price of a sauna headrest mainly depends on its nature. The price of a simple wooden sauna headrest is about 20 to 30 euros. The price of a headrest with a four-point system or an extra linen cover ranges from 40 to 45 euros. Here, you should determine in advance which characteristics the sauna headrest should meet.

sauna headrest aspen
waved sauna headrest
sauna headrest birch
sauna headrest W-R012

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