Sauna Sand Clock – Requirements and Interesting Facts

The maximum time for sweating in a sauna of 15 minutes should not be exceeded and the time for the infusion must also be determinable. Therefore you need a clock in the sauna. However, conventional clocks are not suitable because everyone would have to remember what their entry time was and then have to work out when the appropriate time for infusion is or when they should leave the sauna. A kind of stopwatch is necessary that shows the time for about 15 minutes and then starts all over again. There are several types of sauna clocks, all of which have one thing in common: you can measure the time. The sauna sand clock is certainly classic. Made of wood, glass, and sand, it’s more of a timer than a clock. A sand clock for the sauna usually measures 15 minutes. Sand clocks with a different duration are sometimes commercially available, but are not intended for use in the sauna. In addition to the problems already mentioned above, conventional clocks also have the disadvantage that they cannot withstand the conditions in the sauna cabin.

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Benefits of a sand clock for your sauna

A sand clock perfectly meets all of these requirements. It is waterproof, has no mechanics that can break and you can restart it every time by simply flipping it. It does not require a power connection or batteries and the clock also fits optically into the interior of the sauna cabin, because it is mostly made of wood and glass. The low accuracy of the sand clock is not an obstacle for the sauna. After all, it is not about measuring the exact time in hundredths of a second, but about having a guideline value. Make sure, however, that the sand clock is suitable for the sauna cabin, as metallic parts heat up too much. It should be robust, as you will flip it very often, and its design should roughly match the sauna cabin so that the feel-good effect is increased. Quite often you hear complaints about a stuck clock, but you just have to tap the glass lightly. The canted sand particles loosen and trickle again as planned through the opening in the glass. But if that happens too often, you should replace the clock. With a good quality sand clock, this shouldn’t happen too often.

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Another option – also made of wood – is a normal clock that shows the time in a very trivial way and you just remember when you entered the sauna. The advantage is that each sauna guest can individually read how lonxg he or she would like to stay in the sauna. The disadvantage, you have to remember when you entered the sauna. This isn’t always easy to remember. In this case – to avoid overheating – you should leave the sauna after 10 minutes. You can also wear a stopwatch. However, then you need to remember to put it on every time you go to the sauna. It has to be heat-resistant and waterproof.

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Production Line of Sauna Hourglass in Waja Sauna

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