Sauna Steam Generator

KSA Series Steam Generator

Model KSA
Brand Coasts
Power 3kw to 24kw
Commercial use Heavy duty for working 24h/day
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KSA series steam generator is our BEST-SELLER. It is suitable for both residential and commercial use.

  • Powerful Motorized automatic drain system: Significantly reduce mineral accumulation and prolong life of heating elements.
  • KS150 waterproof touch-pad controller which could be installed inside steam room.
  • Unique water level tank design to ensure reliable operation for heavy-duty use.
  • Linking Function to suit for any size and material steam room
  • Precision heat control for even steam output and prolong life of heating elements.
  • Dry and over heating protection
  • Self-diagnose function with error code for easy maintenance and service.
  • Upgraded waterproof connector to avoid problems caused by moisture.
  • CE certified products with UL certified heating elements.


Model Power(kw) Voltage(v) Phase(N~) Current(A)
KSA-30 3kw 230 1 13.6
KSA-40 4kw 230 1 18.2
KSA-60 6kw 230/400 1/3 27.3/9.1
KSA-90 9kw 400 3 13.6
KSA-105 10.5kw 400 3 15.9
KSA-120 12kw 400 3 18.2
KSA-150 15kw 400 3 22.7
KSA-180 18kw 400 3 27.3
KSA-225 22.5kw 400 3 34.1
KSA-240 24kw 400 3 36.4

Basic Functions

  • Auto water-inlet: Water inlet to the boiler automatically.
  • Auto drain-down and flush: Water drain and flush automatically.
  • Working time: 1-60 minutes or no time limited.
  • Temperature setting: 35-55 centigrade (95-131 farenheit).
  • Other control: Light control, Fan control.

Dimension Chart

ksa-30 ksa-40 ksa-60
Steam generator Controller Time range(minute) Temperature display range Temperature adjustment range Dimension(mm)
KSA Series



1 ~ 60 or non-stop 6-60C (43-140F) 35-55C (95-131F)