What are the benefits of sauna thermometers and hygrometers?

While a sauna thermometer shows the temperature, a sauna hygrometer tells you the percentage of the humidity inside. Especially since saunas have a great effect on the body and health, controlling temperature and humidity is essential. In general, for example, the temperature should be lower for those who only go to the sauna every now and then or who have never been to the sauna than for those who go to the sauna regularly. The reason for this is that the heat has a strong influence on the immune system and the circulation. If it is too warm, you can get circulatory problems. A temperature of 122 to 140 F is ideal for getting used to the warmth of the sauna. The humidity is usually up to 30 %, regardless of the temperature. In addition, you shouldn’t sit in the sauna for more than 10 minutes at the beginning until your body has got used to it. Gradually you can then always increase the temperature. If the hygrometer shows a humidity of more than 30 % at a temperature of over 122 F, the analog hygrometer is very likely not calibrated.

Remember that you must always calibrate a new analog hygrometer before it can measure correctly. A one-time calibration is not enough. Over time, the measurement becomes less and less accurate. Therefore, you have to readjust an analog hygrometer after six months at the latest. When installing the hygrometer and thermometer in the sauna, make sure that they do not hang higher than head height. In addition, it should have a small distance from the wall. This will ensure an accurate measurement. It is also recommended that you buy special thermometers and hygrometers for the sauna. There are certain products that are designed for very high temperatures.

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The advantages of high temperatures in a sauna

Used correctly, taking a sauna can help you health. The extreme temperature in a sauna promote heat regulation. So that the body temperature remains constant, the heart pumps blood into the dilated vessels of the blood vessels distant from the heart and the skin begins to sweat. Then the cold stimulus is important, for example from the shower or going outside. This causes the vessels to contract and the blood to flow back into the body more intensely. This trains the circulation. Drinking afterwards is also very important. The body loses about half a liter of water. You can repeat the entire process up to two times. Those who go to the sauna regularly strengthen their immune system.

What to do if it gets too hot in the sauna?

Especially after an infusion, it gets even hotter in the sauna and the temperature rises. The sauna thermometer gives you an overview of the temperature at all times. However, sometimes it can get too hot. Then you can of course leave the sauna or ventilate it and thus open the door for a short time. As a result, the temperature sings particularly quickly. It is therefore advisable to only make one infusion in order to keep the temperature constant.

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sauna thermometer and hygrometer factory