What to consider before buying a garden barrel sauna?

The garden barrel sauna is a special type of sauna, which impresses above all with its rapid heating and compact design. In contrast to the indoor sauna, the barrel sauna is a special highlight for every garden. Enjoy pure relaxation in your own private wellness area. This type of sauna is a real eye-catcher and can be perfectly set up as the center of your garden. The barrel-shaped sauna brings all the advantages of the outdoor sauna: no space requirements in the house, no problems with humidity indoors and direct cooling in the fresh air.

panoramic barrel sauna

What is particularly important to you when choosing your garden barrel sauna? How much space do you have in your garden? Would you like a vestibule in your barrel sauna to relax comfortably between sauna sessions or perhaps a veranda? Put your barrel sauna together individually and choose between variable seating levels, different sauna stoves and fantastic panoramic windows. Optionally, you can also order the products pre-painted and pre-assembled.

Which sauna barrel is the right one for you?

A barrel sauna in the garden is something very special. This great and unusual variant of a sauna is available in different versions. The garden area is decisive when choosing the sauna model. There are saunas for both small and large gardens. Do you use the sauna in a group, mostly alone or in pairs? Smaller garden barrel saunas are suitable for 2 – 4 guests and the larger models are very suitable for groups. Then you also have to think about whether you want the to heat the sauna with wood or with electricity. The use of wood requires a larger barrel diameter and a sufficient distance from buildings and neighbors.

barrel sauna inside


The garden barrel sauna is also available in different shapes. Starting with the compact, standing barrel sauna, over the lying barrel saunas, to the oval barrel sauna. The standing barrel has a berth, the lying barrel has at least 2 berths. The oval sauna has a changing room and a separate sauna room. In addition to its special look, the round shape of the barrel sauna also has the advantage that the volume of the interior space is reduced by the rounding and that heating can be carried out faster and more efficiently. The barrel-shaped sauna is also not only beautiful but economical as well. Choosing the right material plays a particularly important role when deciding on the right sauna model. Since the barrel sauna, is an outdoor sauna, there are special requirements for the material. In addition to good insulation values, high weather conditions and dimensional stability play an important role.

The quality of the garden barrel sauna is also very important. The processing quality determines longevity and reliability. You can recognize a good sauna by its correspondingly thick walls, generous scope of delivery and high material quality. It is easy to assemble and all metal parts are protected against rust or are made of stainless steel. A good price-performance ratio is also important.