Sauna Lumber – Abachi

Abachi wood
Abachi wall board
Product NameAbachi
SpecificationWidth 90mm × Thickness 12mm

Abachi is wood from Triplochiton scleroxylon which is a tropical tree that grows throughout West and Central Africa. It is a strong, lightweight, and easy-to-shape hardwood commonly used in crafting furniture and moldings. Because of the heat-absorbing and thermal insulating properties of this wood, it now has become one of the most popular material options for sauna building. The wood offers multiple benefits when used in a sauna environment and this includes its elegant appearance. If you’re looking for a stylish material that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your sauna as well as withstand its exacting environment, then abachi wood is the material for you. Let’s take a look at some of the equally important advantages of using abachi wood in your sauna environment.

The Advantages of Using Abachi Wood in Sauna:


Comfort is an important factor in any sauna environment. Abachi wood offers the greatest comfort to the sauna user because it can promptly take over body temperatures making the wood cooler to the touch even if the surrounding temperature rises. The wood can get hot as it picks up the temperature from the air but once you sit and rest your back or head, it will quickly pick up your body temperature allowing you to stay cool while inside the hot sauna. This makes the abachi an excellent material choice, especially for your sauna floors, benches, backrests, and headrests.


The abachi wood has the ability to maintain its color even after several years of use. For those who are very attentive when it comes to accuracy and detail, the abachi wood will always satisfy for it does not discolor or lose its sheen through time. Choosing this wood as the material for your sauna offers great value for your money since it can maintain its structure and appearance despite the exacting sauna environment. It will also grant you continued and unlimited access to your sauna for a longer time.


Abachi is a very stable wood which makes it an ideal material for the highly demanding conditions in your sauna environment. It features a closely compacted grain and firmly fixed fibers that do not splinter or twist out of shape. Sauna is a relaxing environment and using stable material is highly important in order to prevent injury and discomfort to its user.


The stunning appearance of the abachi wood is one of its irresistible advantages. It features a lighter color ranging from cream to pale yellow which comes with a natural gentle sheen. Compared to other woods, abachi does not have knots or resins which allows you to build an elegant and cleaner-looking sauna. An abachi bench, wall, ceiling, and floor can render a pleasingly simple yet neat appearance to your sauna environment.

Excellent Thermal Insulating Properties

The low density of the abachi wood makes it an excellent thermal insulator that can effectively contain the heat in your sauna environment. It has the ability to quickly warm up your sauna, reduce the fluctuation of temperature, and can cool down the area pretty quickly after use.