Canadian Red Cedar

Canadian Red Cedar (dark color)
Canadian Red Cedar (dark color) 2
Product NameCanadian Red Cedar (dark color)
SpecificationWidth 90mm × Thickness 12mm
Canadian Red Cedar (light color)
Canadian Red Cedar (light color)_2
Product NameCanadian Red Cedar (light color)
SpecificationWidth 95mm × Thickness 12mm

The Canadian Red Cedar, also referred to as Thuja plicata, is a prevalent timber for making the interior of a sauna. This timber has premium features such as unquestionable durability, stability, resistance to decomposition, thermal and insulating properties, among others.

The trees of the Canadian Red Cedar will grow to approximately 25 meters, and the survival of this tree is extraordinary (up to 1,000 years). What makes the timber outstanding is the fine-grained structure, making it an excellent material for sauna usage, decking, and creating wooden facades.

What Makes Canadian Red Cedar Perfect for Sauna Use?


The timber is a very durable and stable material that does not contain numerous knots. This material is also lightweight, making it the most straightforward wood to work with. The lightweight features allow for seamless timber cladding while allowing architects to modify the timber easily.

Also, the wood is perfect for external use as it is moisture resistant and does not decompose. It also contains water-soluble elements which act as preservatives; thus, the material will retain its structural integrity for many years.

Aesthetically Appealing

The timber is a stunning building material to incorporate into your sauna. It contains deep hues, perfectly textured timber grains, and unique heartwood. The wood attenuates with your existing décor and brings out distinctive beauty and tenderness to your sauna space. The red cedar is also resin-free, meaning it can effectively rhyme different finishes in your room.

Does not Decay

The Canadian Red Cedar is famous for its decay-resistance properties. It contains extractives known as the thujaplicins and water-soluble phenolics, making this timber very immune to decomposition. It is also minimally susceptible to high levels of moisture, fungi growth, and insect damage. Thus cedar will effectively withstand harsh weather elements such as hail, snow, or high moisture levels.


The Canadian Red Cedar is the sustainable building material to incorporate in the next sauna building project. Its superiority is unquestionable and will not generate any harmful gases in your space. Cedar is a biodegradable and renewable material thus has zero effects on the environment.

Thermal and Insulating Properties

The Red Cedar has a low density and coarse texture properties. Typically, it is a superior insulator material available in the market. Thus your space will be warm in winter and cool in hot summers.

Superior Acoustic Materials

The timber can be crafted with the correct engineering processes to be compliant with various acoustic ratings. The wood has an open cellular structure that will help absorb and dissipate all sound frequencies. The deflection properties of the wood can be made superior with thicker cladding. Thus this material is effective for the sauna rooms, auditoriums, and music rooms.

Key Takeaway

The Red Cedar is a unique timber species due to its limited flame spread properties. Thus this material is the best to add to your building as it effectively meets various building codes. Therefore, consider adding this versatile timber due to its dynamic properties and premium features in your next project. Its structural integrity, longevity, and stability are unquestionable. In comparison to other building materials, this material is eco-friendly with superior thermal and insulating properties.