Sauna Lumber – Thermo Pine

thermo pine
thermo spruce
Product NameThermo Pine
SpecificationWidth 100mm × Thickness 12mm/11mm/10mm/9mm/8mm

Thermo Wood Pine

As one of the most common species in nature, pine is converted to thermo wood through the thermal wood process, which produces the most natural wood in the best possible way. Pine has a light tan and gnarly texture, a natural look and is loved by nature lovers.

Thermo pine is an ideal and economical solution for those looking for a natural look in outdoor finishes and cannot resist the charm of pine.

Thermo pine strikes a perfect balance among unique harmony with nature, perfect adaptation to weather conditions and economical balance. Its multi-section structure is the preference of those who love tradition. Thermo wood Pine are not only natural, but also an economical solution.

Pine Thermo wood has good dimensional stability. Due to the thermal treatment of the wood, moisture fluctuations are prevented. The tendency of moisture to deformation, that is, to expansion and subsequent contraction, is reduced by 60%.