Canadian Hemlock

Hemlock board
Hemlock wood
Product NameHemlock
SpecificationWidth 95mm × Thickness 12mm

Sauna Lumber: Canadian Hemlock

Hemlock excels as a sauna wood, particularly for infrared saunas. Some of this is attributed to the low-allergen qualities, but there’s more to it than that.

Canadian Hemlock also earns its place among the top sauna woods for its durability and price point. While other woods many offer similar durability, few do so with the balance of good style and affordability that Canadian Hemlock offers. Cheaper alternatives are likely to be far less aesthetically pleasing due to the amount of knots in the wood, and may contain allergens. Other alternatives may have higher chemical content, making them less ideal for saunas. Canadian Hemlock strikes a perfect balance between style, durability, and quality that makes it a top choice for saunas today.