Thermo Hemlock wood is a type of wood that has been thermally modified through a controlled heating process. During this process, the wood is heated to high temperatures, up to 400-450°F, in the absence of oxygen. This causes chemical changes to occur within the wood, resulting in improved stability, durability, and resistance to decay, insects, and moisture. Thermo Hemlock typically has a darker color than unmodified Hemlock, and may have a more uniform appearance.

Thermo Hemlock

Characteristics of Thermo Hemlock

High stability: The thermal modification process causes the wood to become more dimensionally stable, which means it is less likely to shrink, warp, or twist over time.

Improved durability: Thermo Hemlock wood has increased resistance to decay, insects, and moisture, making it a long-lasting and low-maintenance building material.

Enhanced color and texture: The thermal modification process can darken the color of the wood, giving it a rich and distinctive appearance. The process also enhances the wood’s texture and grain pattern.

Why Thermo Hemlock wood is particularly suitable for building saunas?

Thermo Hemlock wood is particularly suitable for building saunas because of its unique properties. Saunas are high-temperature and high-humidity environments that can cause other types of wood to degrade over time. Thermo Hemlock wood’s resistance to moisture and decay makes it ideal for use in saunas, especially for outdoor sauna. It also has a high heat tolerance, so it can withstand the high temperatures that saunas generate without warping or cracking.

In addition to its functional properties, Thermo Hemlock wood has a beautiful and distinctive appearance that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a sauna room. Its rich, dark color and unique texture can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, adding to the overall sauna experience.

thermo hemlock barrel sauna

Outdoor barrel sauna made by Thermo Hemlock

Thermo Hemlock VS Canadian Red Cedar

In terms of appearance, Thermo Hemlock may have some similarities to Canadian Red Cedar, but there are also some differences. Canadian Red Cedar has a distinctive red-toned color with visible growth rings, while Thermo Hemlock tends to have a more uniform color with less visible growth rings. Additionally, Canadian Red Cedar has a distinct aromatic smell, while Thermo Hemlock does not have the same odor.

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